To contract employees【Please provide emergency contact information】


To employees

LPStaff Co., Ltd.
General Affairs Department

Please provide emergency contact information

We ask you to provide emergency contact information for safety confirmation when we cannot contact our employees.

The other day, there was an incident when an unconscious employee was transported by an ambulance in a traffic accident, he did not know the emergency contact information and could not inform his family. To avoid such a situation as much as possible, we ask you to provide emergency contact information. It is not compulsory, but please cooperate in case of emergency. If you do not wish to provide any emergency contact information, we ask you to sign the back of the sheet confirming that you will not provide any information.

[About handling of “emergency contact information” ] * Please tell the following contents to those who become emergency contact information.

  1. The Company will use the personal information “Emergency Contact Information” of employees within the scope of such information under the premise that it is “limited to use as a contact information in an emergency (In the event of an emergency or other cases where it is necessary for employment management,).”
  2. The emergency contact information provided will be operated on a secure management system, and the form of the emergency contact information you have filled out will be locked strictly in a storeroom.

(Once a year, we will check whether there is an emergency contact update, so if there is an update, please complete the procedure.)